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Making Magical Things Commonplace

Jack's friend - Hey Jack, what are we gunna do with all these magic beans?

Jack (thoughtfully stroking his chin) - Hmmmmm. Hey! Let's make bean dip!

Fix Black On Black Tooltips In Firefox

Can you read it?

When I upgraded my Kubuntu Firefox a while back it started displaying tooltips by the mouse cursor with black text on a slightly less black background making them virtually unreadable. I am currently using Kubuntu 14.04 and Firefox 47.0.

After several months of grumbling, I finally got fed up enough to do some research on how to fix the problem. Read More

Cleanly Removing Linux Packages With Debfoster

I recently found a nice tool to help me manage my linux applications. It's called debfoster.

Should I ever want to uninstall software from my linux system, debfoster is really good at helping me clean up all those extra libraries and utilities installed with the average linux software package.

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Finding A Flickr Photo Owner From The Image File Name

Who's Photo Is It? Photo Credit

Ever want to find out who owns a Flickr photo you downloaded six months ago, but the only information you've got is a file you've downloaded on your computer?

If you were smart enough to save the original file name of the photo when you downloaded it, you can use a handy url provided by Flickr.

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Have a nice Day.

"Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair." - Kahlil Gibran