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Finding A Flickr Photo Owner From The Image File Name

Who's Photo Is It? Photo Credit

Ever want to find out who owns a Flickr photo you downloaded six months ago, but the only information you've got is a file you've downloaded on your computer?

If you were smart enough to save the original file name of the photo when you downloaded it, you can use a handy url provided by Flickr.

If you start with a file name like this:


Just take the 10 digit number at the front of the file name and substitute it into the url below.

When I save a downloaded image on my computer, I like to add some descriptive text in the file name to give me some kind of clue what it actually is without having to open it up. So I change 5760828730_f3eef89214_q.jpg to a much more meaningful:


Here's a handy page in the Flickr API documentation that explains other Flickr url formats.

If you didn't save the original Flickr file name, then you might try or Google Images for a reverse image seach.